Why working with a modern agent is more important than ever

I know you’ve seen endless episodes of real estate TV shows on HGTV, follow bloggers who “sold their home on their own” and spend hours studying online real estate websites to see what homes are selling for and what the market is like. 

You might feel like you have a good grip on how the whole selling your house thing works, but here are three reasons why it’s important to have an agent you can trust working in your best interest.

1. You'll have someone to guide you

You can’t call that online website or design blogger when you get an offer and have no idea how if you should accept it or not (it’s about more than price and there are things you won’t know how to interpret in that contract if you’re not a professional). 

2. The internet hasn't been to your house

That online website has never been inside of your house. It is absolutely impossible to rely solely on an estimate coming from the internet when pricing your home. 

3. You could be leaving money on the table

You’ll never know if you’re truly maximizing your sale price when you’re doing this without the advice of a professional. There are multiple points within the transaction that can end up with you leaving money on the table that you didn’t necessarily have to. 

This just touches the surface of the importance of working with a licensed agent when selling your home. Here’s the best news -I’m an open book. If you have a question, reach out and ask me. I’m happy to walk through different scenarios and show you what it could look like to have a modern agent working with you through your home sale (and why you’re more likely to net more money in that scenario). 

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