Tiny Habits That Make Keeping Up With My House in Springfield, VT Easier

Tiny Habits

That Make Keeping Up With My House In Springfield, VT Easier

Read for a few tiny habits I’ve started implementing that have made keeping up with my house easier.

Daily Resets

After my fiancé leaves for work and after dinner are two times of the day I purposefully pause and reset the house. Clear the counters, pick things up off the floor and put everything back in its place. This is not the time for deep cleaning, just a simple reset to keep the house manageable each day.

Put things in their place

This one sounds simple (because it is), but it’s so overlooked. How many times do we just move something out of the way or, even worse, add it to a pile, instead of putting it where it belongs in the first place?

Declutter as I clean

I’m DONE with major decluttering sessions. Instead, I keep a bin by my garage door for things to donate. As I study up the house each day if I notice anything that seems to be collecting dust and not used, or if we have doubles/triples of something that isn’t necessary. I add it to the bin. Once it’s full, I put it in my trunk and fight my nature instinct to let it sit there for a full calendar year (just me?) and actually take it to the donation center! 

Use what I have before I buy new

In a world of influencers it’s easy to add things to your cart and check out faster than you can say “lucky little leprechun.” So before I checkout, I look around my house to see if there’s anything similar I could use for now instead of purchasing new. Sometimes I have found I actually already own the thing I almost bought! This keeps excess out of my home, making it easier to keep up with. 

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