The Truth About Moving in this Market

Summer Edition

Moving these days can feel like you’re really going against the grain.

Your coworkers and friends and even your family may look at you like you’ve lost it and make comments about things like interest rates or inflation.

But there’s so much to consider when moving. And as someone who spends every day helping clients move, let me let you in on some secrets.


There’s more to consider when moving than just inflation and interest rates.

Common reasons my clients move:

  • new baby
  • need a home office
  • want more land
  • need a guest room for aging parents
  • divorce
  • new job
  • wants to be more in town
  • closer to family
  • getting married

In other words, life happens. And all of those “life” reasons are perfectly valid reasons to pack up your stuff and find a new home.


Sometimes, when everybody else pumps the brakes, that’s the best time to accelerate.

What do Uber, Groupon, Venmo, WhatsApp, and NerdWallet have in common? They all started between 2007-2009, during the Great Recession in the US.

When everybody else was saving and staying still, they were invest in their future (and it’s fair to say it’s paid off).


Ask any homeowner and most will tell you, their only regret is not buying their home five years ago. Princes will always be on the rise (even if there are occasional small dips).

When a client happily buys a home at $450,000 then realizes the previous homeowner purchase it five years earlier at $380,000, it always fills them with some sort of regret that they didn’t buy it then.

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