The modern Agent's guide to maximizing your tax return get closer to homeownership in Springfield, VT

Your tax refund is here! Your tax refund is here!

Before you book that vacation or go on a shopping spree, ask yourself, have you been dreaming of becoming a homeowner?

You see everyone else poppin’ champagne in front of their new front porch, hosting parties and starting a garden, and deep down you wonder if that will ever happen for you.

If so, pause before you book your flights and consider putting all or at least some of the money towards your goal of homeownership!

Here are three ways you can maximize your tax refund to get you closer to your goal of homeownership!

1. Use for down payment. Gone are the days of needing a 20% down payment, but having a goal of putting 3-5% down is a great start! Consider adding your tax refund to your down payment fund and watch your dream become a little more of a reality!

2. Pay off debt. So you talked to a lender and you were told your debt to income ratio was too high. This is frustrating because you could easily afford a home but this is the one set back! Now you’re in the driver’s seat. Take your tax refund and pay down your debt! Not only does this help you sleep better at night, it gets you another step closer to poppin’ that champagne on your porch!

3. Put in an emergency fund. If you have what you need for a downpayment and your debt is under control, consider putting your money aside into an emergency fund. This will give you a little more confidence when purchasing your home that, if anything happens and you have repairs you need to make, you have a fund you can rely on!

Your desire to be a homeowner is not a hopeless one. You are not helpless! Invest your tax refund wisely and you will reap the homeowner rewards!

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