The Jeans Theory for Homeowners

What Your Jeans Are Trying to Tell You

I know you’ve been there, getting dressed for the day but taking 15 minutes longer than expected because your jeans don’t fit. 

Has this happened to you?

You’ve tried laying on the bed with your legs in the air, wiggling them on. You’ve stood and jumped and sucked in and tried everything to get them buttoned and zipped.

The truth is, even if you technically *can* get them on, they’re not very comfortable at all. 

And no, it’s not your body’s fault. It’s the jeans. They just don’t fit you anymore.

My theory has always been, if the pants don’t fit, buy new pants!

What about your home?

Does your home no longer fit your life? While I realize buying a home is a much bigger investment than a new pair of pants, I believe we can use the same philosophy with our homes. 

Why are we trying to stuff ourselves into a home we've *clearly* outgrown?

Is it because we really do love where we live and are determined to shed whatever is in the way (ie our stuff) to make it work for us? Or is it because we’re afraid we won’t be able to find a home we love (and can afford)?

Try them on!

Just like with clothes, you can’t decide whether or not something will work for you unless you take the time to try them on. You’ll do a little research to see how they hold up over time and go with a style that fits your body AND your budget.

The Jeans Theory

I apply THE JEANS THEORY to my clients, too. I’m basically their personal shopper, and together we research and try a few homes on. If nothing fits their life AND their budget, we make a plan for what to do until we find a home that does.

But if something on the market does pop up, we drop everything and make it happen. 

Because just like you deserve jeans that fit and make your booty look AMAZING, you also deserve a home that feels spacious and flattering and like it was tailored specially for you.

If you’re ready to “try some homes on” to see how they fit, send me an email! Let’s meet and talk about what’s frustrating you with your current place and make a plan together!

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