The biggest lesson i learned selling homes in 2023

in Springfield, VT

People move despite what headlines say 😉

I’ve seen it all. “Interest rates soar.” “Home prices reach unprecedented heights.”

And while there is some truth found in each article, most seem to be sensationalized. Because here is the thing…

Priorities change

Some people are ready to trade fast paced city life for slow living and neighbors you recognize in the grocery store.

Life circumstances change

Babies are born and kids grow up and leave the nest. People bury their loved ones or walk away from a marriage in need of a fresh start.

They trade their homes

They trade their big homes for homes with less maintenance so they have the time to do what they want to do.

The media has a laser focus on how the economy is effecting real estate and little to no regard for how life circumstances and personal priorities impact the market.

But no matter what they say, stats never tell the whole story. And the stories worth telling are straight from the mouths of people navigating their lives.

And I’m lucky enough to navigate through it with them.

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