What most agents aren't talking about

the emotional side of selling

Let’s talk about the emotional side of selling:
You can be so excited to move into your new home and still feel overwhelmed with unexpected grief when selling your home.
That’s because our homes are so much more than just a few walls to keep us safe. Our homes are where some of the most beautiful memories in our lives take place.
Our puppy’s first home. The tree you planted in honor of your grandmother. The room we were in when I said, “yes”. The wall you kept photos from holidays over the years.
Our homes are the set where we get to act out the scenes of our lives. Understandably, it’s hard to tear down the set and move on.
I’ve sat in the living room with many of my sellers, when I sensed they, too, were having a hard time letting go. I’m going to tell you the same thing I tell them: Your home doesn’t hold your memories, your heart does. ❤️
I know it’s corny, but it’s true! You don’t need to see the tree you carved your initials into to remember how special it was. You don’t need to sit in the room where your family gathered for holidays in order to cherish those memories because now you get to host them in your new home.
So take lots of pictures at your home before you go. Drive by and reminisce in the years to come. And take all those incredible (and even mundane!) beautiful memories with you to your new home!
The greatest days of your life aren’t behind you or even ahead of you: they’re the ones you’re living now. Today. In the present. Embrace it and rest assured, more great memories are coming!

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