Steal my tricks to leverage your equity in your Springfield, vT home


If you purchased your home prior to the housing boom of 2021, there is a pretty good chance that you have quite a bit of equity in your home! 

Buyer another home

So, you found out you’re sitting on a gold mine. Ok, not really, but you have a lot of equity in your home! That’s great!

One thing you can do is consider buying another home. The more money you’re able to put down on a house, the more affordable your monthly payment can be! Your dream home may be a lot more in reach than you think!

renovate current home

Maybe you’re content with where you’re at, but you’ve always wanted to make updates to your home. Talk to your lender about the possibility of a Home Equity Loan or a Home Equity Line of Credit.

But options could give you the money you need to make your renovations and the payment plans could be within your budget!

invest in your small business or education

Speaking of Home Equity Loans, consider using one to invest in your small business or education. There are pro’s and con’s to HELOC’s and Home Equity Loans, so he sure to talk to your lender to learn as much as you van! But this could be a great way for you to invest in your future!

sit pretty and watch your equity grow

Doing nothing with your home equity may feel like the lazy thing to do, but it’s not! It’s actually a great option! By continuing to make your monthly payments and living in your current home, your equity can continue to grow, thanks to your principal payment and home appreciation over time.

Sit pretty, make your payment, and watch that number climb.

Want to discuss what your next move should be? Email me and let’s figure it out together! 

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