Stop Looking for your dream home

look for this instead

It’s always about THE DREAM HOME. But what if it’s not?

It’s one of the most overused phrases on house hunting reality TV series. “I’m looking for my dream home.”

But dreams change. Life happens and needs shift. And sometimes, we just can’t afford our “dream home.” So then what?

We put so much pressure on ourselves to find our dream home that we forget to look for the “right for me now” home.

So what could that look like?

Maybe it means buying down instead of buying up. For example, buy a 2 unit rental home instead of a single family home and live on one side and rent out the other.

Or simply buy a smaller home. It may *feel* like you’re buying “less house,” but sometimes living in a home that requires less maintenance is a gift. You’ll have less square footage to clean, less to maintain, and hey, maybe you could *actually* afford the neighborhood you’ve always dreamed of (even if your new home is smaller than your current home!)

Bottom line: sometimes we need to turn off the TV (sorry, Million Dollar Listing!) and get creative with our options. When you think more about a “right-for-me-now” home and less about a “dream home,” you have so much more buying power and freedom to live the life you’ve been wanting!

If any of this is making your heart race because you’re like, “Jill, I want to do this!!” then send me an email through my contact page! We can set up a coffee date and have a long talk all about YOU and your goals and come up with a creative plan to get you there!

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