Nobody is Talking About This

& it’s a problem

Raise your hand if you waited to buy a car because of the interest rate the salesman offered you. 

The answer is *probably* no, you bought it anyway. Why? Not because you were being irresponsible, but because you needed something to drive, right?

What about education, did you wait to go to school because the student loan rates were higher than they once were?

I’m gonna guess *no,* you went and got your degree anyway. Not because it was a “good deal,” but because you wanted to further your education and land a better paying job, right?

Buyers in this market aren't foolish

Their actions fall directly in line with buyers of any significant investment in the history of buyers.

They need something. They find something that fits their needs. They buy it.

they stay within budget

They want to know that they can afford their monthly car payment and that the job they’ll get after they graduate can pay them enough to cover their student loans.

buyers today are no different

If buying a new place has been on your mind but you’ve convinced yourself you’re crazy for “trading in your 3% interest rate for a 6%,” rest assured. You’re anything but crazy.

You are worthy of investing in yourself and where you live. And I am here to help you get there.

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