Is it time to break up with your landlord?


If you’re tired of short term relationships and have been daydreaming about a lifelong relationship with real estate, take this quiz to see if it’s time to call it quits with your landlord and commit to homeownership once and for all!

1. Have you been saving for homeownership?

A. (nervous laugh) nope
B. I’m still paying off Taylor Swift tickets (and other debt!)
C. I’ve starting saving!
D. My savings has never had this many zero’s (in the right order!)

2. Have you been able to comfortably pay your rent each month?

A. I’m totally behind
B. Technically yes, but I’ve fallen behind on other bills
C. It’s sometimes a little tight, but I’ve been making it work!
D. Yes, and I think a mortgage payment would be less than rent!

3. Do you have the funds or the skills to make basic repairs to your home?

A. I depend on my landlord way too much for this
B. I mean, I *can* change a lightbulb, but they’re expensive!
C. Between my savings account and my handyman, I could make it work
D. I’m practically Joanna Gaines – I can do this!

4. Do you know what you can afford to purchase?

A. No idea
B. I at least know what I want my monthly payment to be
C. I’ve done some rough estimates, but haven’t talked to a lender yet
D. I’ve gone over everything with my lender and I’m good to go!

5. Do you have an agent you van go over your home goals & numbers with?

A. Can’t I just call the number on the sale sign?
B. I want to work with an agent I know, but I’m not sure where to start
C. I have an idea of who I’d want to work with
D. Of course, she’s making me take this quiz!


MOSTLY A’S: I’m all for homeownership, but renting is a great option for people in your financial situation! If you’re serious about owning a home, meet with a lender and agent (hi!) to come up with a timeline and a plan!
MOSTLY B’S: As much as you may want to, I would avoid burning bridges with your landlord for a little while and focus paying off debt and saving up to prepare to leave.
MOSTLY C’S: I wouldn’t call it off just yet, but I’d put aside more savings and give yourself a break up deadline. This will give you a little more cushion when it’s time to find the one (home) for you!
MOSTLY D’S: It’s time to pen the Dear John letter and inform your landlord you’re ready to see other people (aka a home of your own!). Make sure you’re familiar with your contract, so you know if you owe a fee for ending the relationship early!

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