How To Sell Your Home With Love

Out of the box ideas that make buyers fall in love (with your Springfield, VT home) 


Grab a piece of paper and pull up a chair. Pretend we’re having coffee and I am considering buying your house! My question to you is: What are your top 10 favorite things about living here? 

Write those 10 things down! Make sure you think beyond “we updated the kitchen 2 years ago” because people will be able to see that in the photos. Think about things that you might not see in photos and how you actual use your home.

This might be the bike path that is practically in your backyard that you take to grab coffees in the morning. Maybe it’s the neighborhood cookie exchange or the great sunroom you host book club in. Be specific about why you love where you live (and remember you can include local amenities too)!

The key to the buyer's HEARTS

Your home’s little black book – aka documentation of all your home data

Buyers want to know it all (age of the roof, why you’re moving, when the kitchen was renovated, the colors and location of the extra paint, all of it). It might sound boring, but sharing all the data of your home helps build confidence in the buyers. They have peace of mind knowing that the house has been well loved (maintained) and that they aren’t buying a money pit. 

To make it official, pick up a binder and put all the documents in one place. Stick that Top 10 List at the front and wa-la! You have a little black book for buyers!

BONUS IDEA: Include any contractors or services you use consistently such as lawn care, the HVAC company, the handyman, cleaning services, etc.


We don’t want your home to scream “We live here” but we do want it to scream “You’ll want to live here” to the buyers!

The easiest way to do that is to *set the mood*. This is all about showcasing the lifestyle of your home. How do you LIVE in your home? The Top 10 List you made might come in handy. 

Here are a few ideas and ways you can set the mood in your home:

1. Leave a bottle of wine and 2 glasses in your favorite seating area (the sunroom, at the coffee table, or on the kitchen island). 

2. Turn on a movie in your TV or Theater room to create the experience for the buyers.

3. Have a gorgeous bathroom? Stage it. Add a tray to the tub with a candle, a loofa and a book. 


This is something you can do right before heading out the door for showings. It only takes a minute or 2 but makes a big difference. 

Here’s your 2 minute checklist:

-Turn on every light and lamp in the house

-Open all of the curtains and blinds

-Light a candle in a good gathering spot like the kitchen island

-Grab that Top 10 list and or note to the buyers and set it on the kitchen counter along with your binder of “house data” 

-Remove any dog dishes or signs of pets (people might love pets, but they don’t want to think about wet dogs and litter boxes when they’re touring their possibly new home). 

-Have a to go basket you keep near the garage door and clear off any random items cluttering countertops before you leave.

-Set the thermostat to 72 degrees (it’s supposed to be the perfect temp) but on cool days, I like to recommend cranking it up a bit or turning on the fireplace in addition! 

If it’s the perfect outdoor temp, open up a couple of windows!


This might sound weird, but this kind of goes hand in hand with the Top 10 list and gives the buyers insight into what it might be like to live there. It also warms them up to the fact that there are real humans living in the house vs thinking of the purchase like a business deal. 

The note can be super simple. Something like this:

Welcome! You could be the next homeowners! 

We hope you enjoy touring our home! One of our favorite spots to sit is on the back patio to watch the sunset. Feel free to grab a bottle of water from the mini fridge in the kitchen and take it out there with you. Coffee is great out there in the mornings too. It’s such a peaceful yard. The flower garden to the left is filled with sunflowers in the Fall which makes a great picture spot. Happy house hunting!

-The Sellers 

This is a pretty easy “extra” and a nice touch for the buyers!

That’s a wrap on out of the box ideas that make buyers fall in love (with YOUR HOME)! 

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