Hot Neighborhoods in Springfield

worth checking out

I’m here with a Springfield market recap.

The goal? To give you *just* enough information to make you sound smart in front of your friends and make smarter real estate decisions, NOT to overwhelm you with boring industry jargon.

Right now in Springfield, 23 of homes are for sale (compared to 21 last January)! So while it’s not a TON of homes, there are still lots of homes for buyers to choose from!!

They are usually for sale for about 24 days until they go pending. (So when your coworker is freaking out that it’s been a *whole week* with no offers, you can tell them to calm down!)

In our town, the average sale price is $260,000 which means if you’re looking in $300,000 range to $400,000 range, you’re in luck – your budget is above average!

Hot neighborhoods worth checking out in this price range:
+Pedden Acres
+Cherry Hill
+Brockway Mills Road

If you have been thinking about buying a home in Springfield, I would be more than happy to meet with you to discuss the market and come up with a strategic plan for getting you into your new home!

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