Ditch the Trends

Decorate Your Home for You, Not the Algorithm

Have you scrolled through social media lately and felt a strange pressure to turn your house into a generic, perfectly-curated “home“?

But wait! What if the new design movement isn’t about replicating some pre-defined aesthetic, but rather creating a space that reflects your unique personality?

This is the age of YOU-nified homes!

Sure, personality in design has always been important, but now it’s the driving force. Forget fitting your space into a rigid category like “farmhouse” or “Scandinavian.” Instead, fill your home with pieces that spark genuine joy, that tell your story, and that make you feel like you when you walk through the door.

Here's the shift:

  • Out: Prioritizing a specific design style and only choosing pieces that rigidly conform to it.
  • In: Selecting decor you love and incorporating it thoughtfully using basic design principles. Think groupings of three,incorporating white space, and opting for larger statement pieces over a cluttered collection of knick-knacks.

So, how do you decorate for YOU?

  1. Embrace the Things You Love: Start by identifying objects, colors, textures, or artwork that bring you a smile. Maybe it’s a quirky lamp from a childhood vacation, a collection of vintage cameras, or a bold, abstract painting. These are the conversation starters, the pieces that tell your story.
  2. Design with Intention: Once you have your treasured pieces, it’s time to incorporate them into your space. Here’s where basic design principles come in. Grouping similar items in threes creates a sense of balance, while leaving negative space (empty areas) allows your favorite finds to breathe. Opt for larger statement pieces instead of overwhelming yourself with a sea of trinkets.

Remember, your home is a reflection of you. Don’t be afraid to ditch the trends and embrace the things that make you unique!

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