99% of Sellers Have the Same Regret

Attn: Springfield, Vermont homeowners

99% of sellers have the Same regret

Don’t make this same mistake

I hear it all the time. A seller will prepare their home for the market (with my guidance!) and on picture day, they’ll say something like, “I didn’t know my house could look like this!” or “ok, now I’m not sure I wanna leave!”

Even if you know you’re going to move in the next year or three or ten, don’t make this same mistake! Invest some time, energy, and elbow grease into making your home exactly what you want it to be while you still live there!

Because what’s the point of owning a home if you’re not going to love where you live?

And let me tell you something most other agents won’t: when you’re doing this, don’t worry about what future buyers will think!

Sure, maybe you’ll need to paint your kitchen back to Alabaster instead of Banana Yellow, but if a bright yellow kitchen fills you with joy every morning when you make your coffee, then go bananas!

Bottom line: Love where you live NOW! And worry about selling later. So when it’s time to put that sign in the yard, you’ll smile knowing you loved and embraced your time there and you’ll be ready to find a new place to love and make feel like home.

And not just any home, but YOUR home. 

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