50 Shades of Anxious

You’ll Make This Same Mistake when selling your Springfield, VT home

The most common mistake clients are making? 🫣

I have a feeling this year is gonna feel like 2020 all over again, even if the rates stay above 5%. My inbox is going to be full of messages from clients who are suddenly ready next time the Feds lower the mortgage rates, and they’ll end up selling their house with no place to go.

The biggest mistake clients are making (and what's keeping me up at night)

They’re letting the interest rates determine when they list and buy their next home.

Of course we have to consider affordability, but we also have to consider probability. Like, what’s the probability your offer will be accepted when there are 3-5 others on the table? 

If buying or selling your home is on your list of goals for 2024

I recommend starting sooner rather than later. I’ve made room on my calendar for 5 new clients this month to meet with me and talk about your home goals. 

We can go over your list of needs/wants, look at what’s selling in our town, and even go over what your monthly payments could look like at different price points, all while sipping on coffee and catching up like old friends!

Get in touch

Send me an email (jill@trecvt.com) if you want to schedule a no-pressure, no-commitment coffee date to discuss all things HOME!

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